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Firearms Safety course Schedule & Registration

*** Page Last Updated on February 28, 2023 ***

Course Schedule for 2023:

March 202314th and 16th, Tuesday & Thursday5
April 202317th and 20th, Monday & Thursday10
May 202322nd and 25th, Monday & Thursday10

Read this entire page carefully Before Registering!

Course Policies:

Course slots are filled in the order that payment and registration information is received.


Due to the availability of effective COVID vaccines, improved treatment, and the newer variants being less virulent, COVID is not the threat it once was.  However, COVID has not been eliminated and still poses a risk.  Please read our COVID policy.

Registration Procedure:

To register for a course, please send email to education@woburnsportsmen.com with the following information:

After receiving the above information, I will email you the address where you can send your check (do not mail a check to The Woburn Sportsmen’s Assoc. address!) and a phone number to call in case you have any questions or problems.  Send your payment as soon as possible to reserve your class position.  The course fills quickly, so don’t delay!

Your space is not confirmed until we receive your check AND you get an email back from us!  If the course you are apply for is full, any checks already in the mail will be put on a standby basis or returned to you.

Other notes: